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I guess you could say that rockabilly is dark, but even many of us who know and love the wild form of rock and roll really know that the greatest artists of rockabilly. But as with anything under the stars is a world of lights, even if it did not shine so famous, certainly did not shine a little less shiny or any number of less intense heat! This article examines some of the unsung pioneers of rockabilly music was good to yours.

Ersel Hickey: Not all cats rockabilly from Memphis, or even the south, too. Ersel came to New York and had a short life hard. His father died when he was four, his mother was institutionalized, finally escaped from a halfway house after another, and at age 15, he left with his sister, an exotic dancer who has

traveled the carnival circuit. Finally landed in a home for troubled children, where he was presented the gospel and R & B. Then he heard Elvis and found his career. It’s very cool, 1958 “Shame on Me” sounds ahead of its time and should have made him a star. Had some success in painting itself and wrote songs for others.
Don Terry: I did not find much information about Don Terry, but it has some very good songs, but it might not be classics, will certainly add to the rich treasure rockabilly. “The knees trembling” was (I think), supported by the B-side “laughs” in the label alternative Gainsville Lin. Terry could have been a DJ in a radio station Gainsville.
Carl Mann: On the strength of the rockin ‘”Rock and Roll Tonight” Jaxon Records label, Mann was eventually signed to Sun Records Although only flirted with real success, Mann cut some great rockabilly sound. His “Baby I Do not Care” (not to be confused with the Elvis “I Do not Care”) has a real Jerry Lee Lewis feel to it.
Johnny Powers: Powers was another North (Michigan) drew rockabilly when he first heard the songs of Elvis. He has recorded for several small labels and local “long blond hair,” backed with “Rock,” is a great rockabilly 45. Finally we got a deal with Sun Records and recorded an album of Sun in 1959 (“With your love with your kiss”), but because the music changes over time, rockabilly was in decline, and the Sol star has started a whole. Never released a record Sun Interestingly, the powers have finally signed Motown Records and is the only white artist signed by Motown and Sun.
Fred Neil: However, another North (Ohio), Neil was a staff writer and wrote songs that were recorded by artists including Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison. Meanwhile, he recorded a handful of rockabilly songs of theirs, but never succeeded as a performer. “You Is not” right “is treatin me a watch many Bopperesque with potential that never really noticed as an artist. He came to succeed as a writer of popular songs.
Fame has never really been one of the artists in this list. And there are many others like them. However, their contribution to the wealth of rockabilly can not be denied when you hear their albums … if you can find!

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